European ATM now managed for performance (SES Performance Scheme).

Members recognise that:

  • ANSPs need to collaborate to drive better performance;

  • Loose NEAP Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) did not create sufficient momentum or commitment for change.

Alliance will:

  • Identify a rolling programme of options for achieving operational/financial efficiencies through joint activities

  • Create a strategic and commercial framework for implementing selected options.

Core principles:

  • Flexible approach means different Members can collaborate on different projects

  • Does not require or involve full organisational merger

  • Leaves ultimate decisions for participating in joint activities with individual Members

  • Recognises existing commitments to alliances and FABs.

Alliance Members may one day become parties of a single FAB if that is the best way to deliver performance but membership of the Borealis Alliance does not imply commitment to a single FAB at this stage.


The Borealis Alliance activities are underpinned by a Code of Conduct requiring high standards of behaviour.

The Alliance Code of Conduct establishes the attributes that are prerequisites for building trust, commitment and joint success. The Code of Conduct requires behaviour such as;

  • Trust 

  • Transparency 

  • Good Faith

  • Professionalism 

  • Nosurprises 

  • Loyalty 

  • Equal respect 

  • No discrimination 

  • Positive behaviour towards customers and other third parties 

  • Duty of care/compliance with law 

  • Confidentiality /Disclosure/Whistle blowing 

  • Appropriate mandates 

  • Correspondence 

  • High standards of meeting behaviour 

  • Members as partners and competitors.


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